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Midwest Investment Management is an independent, portfolio management firm based in Cleveland Ohio, serving individuals, company retirement plans and 401(k) plans.

We believe that your financial advisor should be objective and unbiased, providing asset management services without conflicts of interest. Since we are not affiliated with any bank brokerage firm or insurance company our firm provides objective and unbiased investment management services meeting your financial goals.

Midwest Investment Management Partners

The Partners of Midwest Investment Management

Seated (L-R) Norman F. Klopp, CFA, Meg E. Halloran, Keith A. Vargo, CFA
Standing (L-R) Elmer L. (Al) Meszaros, CFA, Robert J. Yaroma

Because every client’s investment management and asset management goals are unique your financial advisor does not offer off the shelf “solutions” for your personal portfolio, 401(k) plan trust estate or charitable account; instead we will meet with you, your accountant and/or attorney to develop and implement a portfolio management and asset management strategy suited to your individual needs, goals and tax structure.

We will develop a portfolio that may include equities, fixed income investments, mutual funds or perhaps all of those vehicles—all under the watchful guidance of our most experienced portfolio managers.

As a client of Midwest Investment Management, you are assured of receiving an investment plan tailored to your specific needs. Your financial advisor will maintain ongoing direct contact with you and work toward establishing a trusted and long lasting relationship with you.

Our portfolio management professionals have over 150 combined years of experience working with individuals, 401(k) plans, trust, estate and charitable trusts, throughout various investment cycles. We are proud of their nationally recognized investment research credentials—they are solid professionals at the top of their game.

We invite you to learn about all the advantages a professional investment manager offers, by reviewing the information and data presented in this site. Then if you feel we are right for you, respond to any of our partners via e-mail or telephone.

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