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The Tower at Erieview | 1301 East 9th St | Suite 1110 | Cleveland, OH 44114


Midwest Investment Management is distinctively different from other investment management firms. It may sound like a cliche, but it really is true.

Collectively, our distinctive differences add up to major advantages for anyone seeking outstanding performance over time ... advantages that could make a major difference in your net worth.

Stability. Our partners have worked together for decades, managing investments, and producing results. Your investment portfolio will be managed by some of the most respected and experienced people in the investment management business ... people with national credentials ... people at the top of their profession.

Commitment of Our Partners. Midwest Investment Management is owned entirely by its Partners who believe in the long-term advantages of value investing and who are compelled by the opportunities available in the current market environment.

Proven Investment Philosophy. Our investment philosophy is designed to preserve and grow client wealth over the long term. Your account will be managed individually, to your unique circumstances.

Extensive Resources. Our firm is equipped with the tools, technology, and information to maintain up-to-the second contact with the markets. We develop and maintain close working relationships with the nation's foremost investment consulting organizations and research firms.

Outstanding Service. Every member of our organization is an experienced, seasoned professional who will provide you with a high level of personal service, responsiveness, and the respect you'd find hard to match anywhere else.

We Adhere to the Highest Ethical Standards. Clients of Midwest Investment Management enjoy peace of mind and comfort knowing that:

  • We subscribe to the Code of Ethics of Performance Presentation and Ethical Standards of The CFA Institute™, a global non-profit association of portfolio managers, investment advisors, and securities analysts that promotes high professional standards and full disclosure of financial information to investors. This code requires our firm to 1). Place clients’ interests above all else; 2). Practice in a professional and ethical manner; and 3). Act with integrity.
  • The performance of our Large-Cap Core™ Portfolio is audited annually by an independent accounting firm to ensure compliance with the CFA Institute’s Global Investment Performance Standards.